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Sare Havliček - Escape Machine

So, it's finally here: The long awaited album by Slovenia's own Sare Havlicek, and it's a beauty if we say so ourselves! The album, titled 'Escape Machine,' is a direct progression from his most recent run of 12's on Nang, amalgamating everything we know and love, and a lot, lot more. Expect live orchestral sequences, serious analogue heat and the finest vocal arrangements. This is the real deal!

We start of with Diamondback Part 1 & 2, which delves straight into the money with a wash of silken live strings and vocal harmonies, preluding whats to come in fine style. Insinuations & Allusions follows and its pure twanging funk, crisp and clean with a lovely little hook.

Next were dealt Sares most recent outing on Nang; the brilliant Vibe On You.’ It’s all up-beat floor filling material right here. Not Enough is a variation on the chords of its precursor, but with the smooth vocal of Mitja and the vibe wound down a little. Its just perfect.

Burning Hot comes at you like the cosmic blur of a psychedelic black hole, dropping into a serious groove with synth rays and delayed vocal hooks flying past into deep space.

Opening next is White Noise Voice but it doesnt live up to its name. There are arpeggios aplenty before a compelling song unfolds around the verses of Molly Waggers Charlie Denholm for a trip thats not to be missed.

12 Fingered Chime starts in an equally enigmatic style - It feels like that contemplative mid-point that psychedelic albums had in the 70s, like were only half way down the rabbit hole. Hold on tight!

On what definitely feels like the second part of the album, Sense Stations kicks up the pace with a thumping dance floor kick and walking bass, but its melancholic heartfelt pianos keep us in check, for now.

Future Is Retro lines up next and its a synth leviathan, full of revolving disco tensions, slanky guitar licks and 80s programming sensibilities. Easing down the reigns and stepping up to the mic once more, Mitja gives us another accomplished belter in the form of Too Far Ahead.

For the finale we float out all guns blazing. Keep Your Pants on Cowboy oozes class, with its soaring sax lines and stomping groove its sure to be a twilight anthem. To close, were introduced once again to the live orchestra for ‘Diamondback Part 5,’ a dazzling, short n sweet epilogue. Phewww what a journey!

We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Preview is available at Soundcloud
Release date: 12.March 2012


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