Patrick Zigon materializes his first album THE ALPHA STATE

The Konstanz-based producer, born Patrick Zigon, has put out tracks and remixes on the likes of Highgrade, Galaktika and Cocoon since 2003, although The Alpha State is his first attempt at an artist album.

Summer is slowly coming to an end and at this ecstatic moment there is nothing more alive then gently thought we are releasing Patrick Žigons first album THE ALPHA STATE on 4. October. We were trusted to release his 1 year work which will see the light on Danza Macabra Records.

Zigon has been a strong presence in the club scene of Southern Germanys Lake Constance region since the mid-90s and The Alpha State was recorded in his Traumraum ("dream room") Studio in the area, his native Konstanz, over the course of a year. The LP is said to be an exercise in soul-influenced tech-house; it features a number of guest artists, including German reggae band Caramelo Criminal on its first single "Momento Magico",which was released last month, and Colombian DJ Paulo Olarte.

01. Momento Magico feat. Caramelo Criminal
02. Black Out feat. Paulo Olarte
03. Nevesta
04. Orange Time feat. Cassis
05. Pas De Deux
06. Strangers Paradise
07. Kimatta feat. Fugatocity
08. Use It Or Lose It
09. More Mental Draining feat. The DisDrumMachine
10. Bassporus
11. Märchenland feat. Goldkehlchen
12. The Alpha State

Avtor: Danza Macabra