Nitevision - Uncharted space (Relax… still wax)

Posneto 16.5.2011

Support me with LIKE or/and comment for this mix on the wall of ECO fest group @ Thank you in advance! WOW ! - Iam very proud and honored about great acceptance of this mix. Its play to download ratio was 2,5 to 1 which means that about 35% of listeners downloaded it. :) Soundcloud's download limit was reached within a month so I've made it downloadable for you on alternative link listed at the end of this note ;) Opportunity for Eco fest dj contest arised just at the time when I upgraded my setup with Traktor Scratch pro 2. Beside new technology I will reveal to you another dimension of my music - intentionally broken symmetry. Mixing always on the first beat of the phrase and finishing tricks on the last one it's too expected and sooner or later gets boring. Iam breaking this pattern in many different ways but the key to avoid the chaos is to not overdo it and maintain reference point for listener's orientation in presented material. Without it he couldn't enjoy in creativity of deviation, as I call this level of the mix. In a way, presence of order and disorder are interdependent, it is impossible to define one without other. I use their polarity as a tool which enables me to further create tensions throughout the mix. So take a listen and don't forget - rules are made to be broken ;) Setup: 3 x MK2's, DJM 600, Korg Kaoss pad 3 and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Working title: Uncharted space (Relax… still wax) featuring: Spektral, Satoshi Imano, Robben Hill, Reaky, Rantan, Omega Drive, Jeff Only, Groove Korp, Goncalo M, G8, Du'ArT, Drumcomplex, Cristian Varela, Bilro Barbosa, Balankin Tech facts: Format: MP3 Bit rate: 320 kbps Duration: 00:45:49 Download link: NV


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