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Psilon party photo

DeepGround Music presents Matt Time

Secret location ( Koper ), Koper, Slovenija

sobota, 12.12.2015 ob 20:00

konec: nedelja, 13.12.2015 ob 14:00

Vreme Koper



THE GREAT SPHINX of Giza is the largest, the oldest and probably the most famous monumental statues in the world and an iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt. It is a massive seventy-three and a half meters (two hundred and forty-one feet)long and twenty meters (sixty-six feet) high. It takes the form of a couchant lion with the head of a man wearing the Nemes headdress of a pharaoh . However, there are numerous debates about its meaning, its age and the name of the pharaoh that built it.
Although it remains a mystery who built the Sphinx, there is no mystery who is behind you built one of the most notable party this year.

DeepGround Music proudly presents for the first time in our showcase great young uprising star from Slovenia Dj & Producer MATT TIME.
If you have never heard of him, now is the time. His excellent and brilliant sound which produces an alone, will give the right effort of what underground deep tech & minimal music should represent.
Matt will be playing an exclusive three-hour long set, so that you will be able to show all his skills.

They say that the world stands on youth, therefore , be given the possibility of two young boys, who supported DeepGground Music from the very beginning to open our fairy tale. For all impatient, DOCTOR PINE and ALEX will start to warm up the dance floor early this time at 20:00.

Craziness of DeepGround Music showcase will continue two already established Djs. With their energetic performance you certainly wont be disappointed, so in the future pay attention to names CAJHEN and our member MOAHS.

That the party will be even more complete, we invited all already known ABAK BEAT. Only for us he will prepared more deep tech & tech house vinyl set. This is not to miss.

And in the end always comes the sweetest. The man who created DeepGround Music, once again wont leave you indifferent.
He will also use this opportunity to celebrate his upcoming birthday. So lets celebrate together with Mr. MACK.

Expect the unexpected

La Familia Di Underground ,we know that you will once again join us and show your support for our hard work, so a nice welcome to our last story in this year.
Be with us and stay our family.

12.12.2015 Secret Location near Koper
- quality sound sistem by Maxxaudio Oprema za Dogodke
- private location
- friendly vibe
- more then 16 hours of underground music
- CONTACT US FOR LOCATION ( wont be published )

As this event is very special we ask the guests to follow some simple rules, so we will be able to continue this in the future.

☆ Only for Deep Tech lovers
☆ Respect the place & surroundings
☆ Respect the music & our Djs
☆ Come with pure & good energy
☆ Aggression will not be tolerated
☆ Only positive people will be accepted as guests
☆ Invite just friendly & good electronic people.

Podatkov o napovedanem dogodku praviloma ne preverjamo. Za morebitne napake je odgovoren organizator dogodka oziroma oseba, ki je te podatke posredovala. Če ste v napovedniku opazili kakšno netočnost, nas o tem obvestite.

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Secret location ( Koper ), Koper

Vreme in promet

Vremenska napoved Koper

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